Course Outline

Module 1: Conduction heat transfer

Lesson 1. Conduction.
Lesson 2. Conduction through a plane wall.
Lesson 3. Problems on heat conduction through plane/composite walls having variable thermal conductivity.
Lesson 4. Conduction through a cylindrical wall (homogeneous, composite) temperature curve in a cylindrical wall.
Lesson 5. Problems on conduction through homogenous/composite wall, having variable thermal conductivity, Conduction through a hollow sphere.
Lesson 6. Assignments

Module 2: Convection heat transfer

Lesson 7. Heat transfer by convection.
Lesson 8. Shape and size of heat transfer surfaces, heat transfer co-efficient and its interpretations.
Lesson 9. Differential equations of Heat Transfer: Discussion on various forms.
Lesson 10. Derivations of equation of flow.

Module 3: Dimensional analysis and heat transfer

Lesson 11. Similarity of heat-transfer process.
Lesson 12. Conditions of Hydro mechanical similarity: dimensionless numbers.
Lesson 13. Thermal similarity: dimensionless numbers.
Lesson 14. Treatment and generalization of test data, Logarithmic mean temperature Difference, Reference dimensions, Reference temperature.
Lesson 15. Heat transfer by free convection.
Lesson 16. Problems on free convection.
Lesson 17. Heat transfer by forced convection.
Lesson 18. Problems on forced convection.
Lesson 19. Problems on forced convection (continued).
Lesson 20. Assignments

Module 4: Radiation heat transfer

Lesson 21. Thermal radiation.
Lesson 22. Basic law’s of thermal radiation, Plank’s law.
Lesson 23. Stefan-Boltzmann law, Kirchoff’s law, Lambert’s cosine law.
Lesson 24. Radiant interchange between solids.

Module 5: Heat exchangers

Lesson 25. Design of heat exchange equipment.
Lesson 26. Mean temperature difference, calculating the outlet temperature of working fluids.
Lesson 27. Parallel flow, Counter flow.

Module 6: Unsteady state heat transfer

Lesson 28. Intensification of heat transfer.
Lesson 29. Assignments

Module 7: Mass transfer

Lesson 30. Mass transfer, diffusion process, Fick’s law, Concept of permeability, Diffusion co- efficient
Lesson 31. Problems based on heat and mass transfer.

Lesson 32. Assignments

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