There are thousands of cultivars of grapes.
    Most popular ones are:
    Coloured seeded grapes:-
    • B. Blue- a cross between
    • V. vinifera X V. labrusca- table, juice, wine

    Characters of Vitis and Muscadinia





    Bark is longitudinally striate, fibrose

    Tight bark, non-shedding, with prominent lenticels


    Interrupted in nodes by a diaphram

    Without diaphram




    Flower clusters


    Short, small


    Adheringtothe cluster at maturity

    Detach one by one they mature


    Pyriform with long or short beak

    Oblong without beak

    • Gulabi, Abyad- table, juice- early type.
    • Banaqui Abyad- table, wine- early,
    • Kishmish charni Black champa- processing & for hybridization purpose only.
    • Coloured Seedless: Beauty seedless (blue black)mid-season,
    • Krishmish Charni (brick red) Mid-season (sharad seedless).
    • Flame seedless (Purple) late.
    White seeded
    • Anab-e-shahi-late
    • Dilkush-clone of AES
    • Cheemasahebi (Selection from Pandari sahebi) late.
    • White seedless: Perlette (Scolokertekhirolaynoje X Sultania marble)
    • Pusa Seedless: Superior than perlette- Mid.
    • Thompson Seedless mid- Tas-e-Ganesh, Manik Chaman, Sonaka are clones.
    • Arkavati- BlackChampaXThompson Seedless-late.
    • Delight-Sister seedling of perlette- early.
    • Homorod- ContarioX Sultania.
    • Propagation by hard wood stem cuttings, Treating cuttings with IBA improves rooting.
    • Single bud cuttings also can be rooted by keeping the base of the cutting at a constant temperature of 18-200C for 2-3 weeks.
    • While, using root stocks, grape can be propagated by chip budding or grafting.
    Phylloxera resistant rootstocks
    • Riparia Gloire- Selection from V. riparia.
    • St. George - Cultivar of V. rupestris
    • 4x2 (Ganzian)- (V.vinifera (Aromon) X V. rupestris ( Gonzin).
    • 1202- (V.rupestries and V. mataro).
    • 99- (V. berlanderi X V. rupestris).
    Nemotode resistant rootstocks
    • Dogride- cultivars of V. champin.
    • Salt creek, 1613- 1616- (V. solonis X V. paria).
    • Telecki 5A- (V. berlandarix X V. riparia 5A 1616).
    • Solonis 1616- suitable for saline & wet soils.

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