Module 3. Stress

Lesson 15

15.1 Problem

A solid shaft subjected to a torque of 1500N-m. Find the necessary diameter of the shaft, if the allowable shear stress is 600N/cm2. The allowable twist is 10 for every 20 diameter length of the shaft. Take G=8*105 N/cm2


Given Torque

T=1500 N-m =1500*102 N-cm

Allowable shear stress


Angle of Twist ө=10=π/180 radians

Length of shaft, l=20D

G=8*105 N/cm2

D=diameter of the shaft

First we shall find out the diameter of the shaft for its strength and stiffness

i. For strength

Using the relation

T=( π/16) זsD3

1500*102= (π/16)*600*D3

On solving


ii. For stiffness

Using the relation

T/J=זs/R=G ө/L



J=Polar moment of inertia in cm4= (π/32)*D4

R=Radius of curvature in cm

G=Rigidity modulus in N/cm2

L=Length of shaft in cm

Ө=Angular Twist

15 eq 1

On solving


Therefore we shall provide diameter of 13 cm i.e. greater of two values

For the same problem we can also find out the power P by using the power transmission relation that is

P= 2πNT/60

15 eq 2

15.2 Problem

Find the torque which a shaft of 25 cm diameter can safely transmit, if the shear is not to exceed 460 kg/cm2


Given. Diameter of shaft,

D = 25cm

Max. Shear stress, fs = 460 kg/cm2

Let T = Torque transmitted by the shaft

Using the relation,

T= (π/16) x fs x D3 with the usual notations

T= (π/16) x 460 x 253 = 1411300 kg/cm

14113 kg/m

15.3 Problem

A solid steel shaft is to transmit a torque of 10000 kg-m. If the shearing stress is not to exceed 450 kg/cm2, find the minimum diameter of the shaft.


Given Torque, T= 10,000 kg-m = 1000000 kg-cm

Max, shear stress,

fs= 450 kg/cm2

Let D= Diameter of the shaft.

Using the relation,


T= (π/16) x fs x D3 with the usual notations

1000000 = (π/16) x 450 x D3

D3 = (1000000 x 16) / (π x 450)

= 11320 cm

D = 22.45 cm

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