Course Outline

Module 1: Basic concepts of thermodynamics

Lesson 1. Thermodynamic System & Its Properties
Lesson 2. Thermodynamic Cycle & Energy of Thermodynamic System

Module 2: Ideal gases

Lesson 3. Laws of Ideal Gases: Compression and Expansion of Gases

Module 3: First law of thermodynamics

Lesson 4. First Law of Thermodynamics & Non Flow Processes
Lesson 5. Non-Flow and Flow Processes
Lesson 6. Numerical Problems

Module 4: Second law of thermodynamics

Lesson 7. Second Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy, Carnot Cycle
Lesson 8. Entropy and Availability
Lesson 9. General Expression For Change In Entropy, Numerical Problems

Module 5: Air cycles

Lesson 10 Otto Cycle and Diesel Cycle
Lesson 11 Dual Combustion Cycle, Numerical Problems

Module 6 : I. C. engine

Lesson 12. Classification and Working of I.C. Engine
Lesson 13. Comparison of S.I. And C.I. Engine
Lesson 14. Parts of I.C. Engine
Lesson 15. Fuel Supply Systems of I.C.Engine
Lesson 16 Two Stroke Cycle Engine

Module 7: Performance of I.C. engine

Lesson 17. Performance Parameters of I.C. Engine
Lesson 18 Numerical Problems

Module 8: Fuels

Lesson 19. Classification and Combustion Chemistry of Fuels
Lesson 20. Numerical Problems
Lesson 21. Determination of Calorific Value, Oil Burners

Module 9: Steam and its properties

Lesson 22. Formation of Steam and Its Properties
Lesson 23. Use of Steam Tables & Mollier Chart, Numerical Problems

Module 10: Steam generators

Lesson 24. Classification and Performance Parameters of Boilers/ Steam Generators
Lesson 25. Boiler Mountings and Accessories
Lesson 26. Indian Boiler Regulation Act

Module 11: Layout of steam pipe line

Lesson 27. Steam Pipe Line, Fittings, Joints, Materials and Insulation

Module 12: Boiler draught

Lesson 28. Production of Draught and Its Losses
Lesson 29. Natural Draught
Lesson 30. Power Requirement of Mechanical Draught, Numerical Problems

Module 13: Air compressor

Lesson 31. Air Compressors
Lesson 32. Air Compressor's Work, Numerical Problems
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