British garden

British garden

    British garden British garden


    English gardens are the most beautiful gardens among all European gardens. The reasons are that the UK enjoys the typical grassland climate with well distributed rainfall which is favourable for the growth of herbaceous perennials. Since they were ruling many countries, valuable plant collection was possible from diverse areas.
    The key features of British gardens in India are:
    1. i) lawn
    2. ii) rockery and
    3. iii) herbaceous border.

    Lawn: Grass lawn is a principal feature of English garden. A lawn can be of any shape and it may be plain or undulating. It can be laid by seed, turfing or plastering.

    Rockery: It is the second important feature of an English garden. There are various types of rockeries.
    • Cold weather rockery of annuals like Alyssum, Calendula, Candytuft, Dianthus, Ageratum, Gaillardia, Verbena, Zinnia.
    • Rockery of succulents for dry areas.
    • Rockery of ferns in humid areas.

    Herbaceous border: Flower beds or borders are characteristic feature of a British garden. The height of the plant, time, duration and overall colour scheme are taken into consideration.

Herbaceous border

  • It is usually designed in three rows with tall and dwarf ones on the sides and the medium ones in the middle.

T- Tall, m- Medium, D- Dwarf

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