Scope for plantation crops

Scope for plantation crops

  1. Expansion in non-traditional areas:

    As population and spice crops have restricted geographical distribution, the possibility of expansion in the traditional areas is limited. However, there is ample scope for expansion of area in non-traditional regions such as North Eastern States where there is irrigation potential. Due to the development of drip irrigation technology new area/non traditional area under plantation crops is increasing.
  2. Export potential:

    Plantation crops earn foreign exchange. Eg. Coir based products ,Coir export and Coffee . Main products and by-products not only have export prospects but also have considerable internal demand in several ancillary industry. Earning from export of plantation crops accounts to 27% of total agricultural Commodities and 4.8% of total export.
  3. Employment generation:

    Cultivation of plantation crops provide year round gainful employment on the farm and factories. Eg. Coconut provides for 78 man days/ha/yr. Amounting to 70 million man days/year. in Kerala alone.
  4. Crop diversification:

    These crops provide ample scope for diversification and there by it creates sustainable agriculture.
  5. Availability of technology and yield gap:

    Considerable information on recent technologies are available on these crops. Eg. CPCRI Kasargod, Kerala. NRC on Cashew, Shantigod, Puttur (D.K). and Various Agril. Universities, Res. Stations etc.

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