• Nuts with irregular shape and size and improper development should be avoided.
    • Season of nut collection :
      • In India female production is high during March to May and low in September to January.
      • Season of nut collection under West Coast : From selected palms seed nuts can be collected during the period from January to April and sown in June in the West coast region as nuts are generally bigger and give better germination.
      • In east coast region nuts are sown during October- November. Season of seed nut collection may have to be adjusted to suit local conditions so that, the seed nuts can be sown in the nursery after about two months of storage.
      Maturity of nuts:
      • The seednuts takes about 12 months for its full maturity. Mature nuts can be identified on the basis of the following characteristics.
        1. Resonant or ringing sound on tapping: Mature nuts will produce a resonant and ringing sound on tapping which can be identified by experience. Immature nuts will produce dull sound.
        2. Browning of inner fibers: There will be dry husk with distinct browning of the inner fibers in case of fully mature nuts.
        3. Free movement of water with in nuts and reduction in wieght
        4. Light in weight : reduction in weight.
      Storage of seed nuts :
      • Minimum for 2 months under shade .Nuts are unfit for sowing if entire water is lost during storage. Seed nuts should be stored for a minimum period of two months under shade. It is also advisable to sprinkle water over the stored nuts in order to minimize drying nut water during storage.

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