1. Early germination
  • Under favourable environmental conditions and proper management coconut will germinate in
  • Germination period: Normally 2 to 3 months (8 to 10 weeks (i.e., 2 to 3 months while arecanut in 2(53 days) to 3(94 days) months.)
  • Reject nuts which germinate late : Reject a coconut seedling, which takes more than five months for germination.
    2. Vigourous seedlings
  • ( 6 leaves and > 10 cm collar girth) The vigourous seedlings which are one year old, having minimum of six leaves and girth of 10 cm at the collar should be selected. Early splitting of leaves and dark green coloured leaves are desirable character for selection at seedling level.
  • Recovery of good seedlings will be only 60 to 65 per cent of seed nuts sown.
  • Coconut is propagated through seedlings raised from selected seednuts. Generally 9 to 12 month old seedlings are used for planting. Select seedlings, which have 6-8 leaves and 10-12 cm collar girth when they are 9-12 month old. Early splitting of leaves is another criteria in the selection of coconut seedling.

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