Specialty Providers/ Professionals working for the partially sighted

Children With Developmental Challenges 3(2+1)

Lesson 12 : Educatioal Programmes for Visually Impaired- Partially Sighted

Specialty Providers/ Professionals working for the partially sighted

  • Teachers of the Visually Impaired provides instruction in the use of vision within such daily routines as play, feeding, communication, motor and learning tasks. They develop activities and adaptations to help your child use his/her vision as efficiently as possible. They can teach compensatory skills (such as the use of touch or hearing) and help you understand how the vision loss may affect your child’s development. They may consult with other service providers such as doctors or therapists.
  • Orientation and Mobility Specialists assess the effects of visual impairments on a child’s motor and movement skills. They help children develop the skills they need to move independently and safely within their daily environment.
  • Ophthalmologists:
    An ophthalmologist is an expert in the diseases of the eye. He is licensed to perform both surgical and medical procedures to correct eye problems. He provide medical assessment, monitor eye health, measure visual acuity and prescribe corrective lenses as appropriate.
    Specific duties and responsibilities
    • Performing eye surgical procedures
    • May choose to perform some of an optometrist’s functions


  • Optometrists:
    An optometrist is a professional concerned with an individual’s vision and visual systems. He is licensed to prescribe and make lenses to make sure that vision problems are corrected. He can diagnose eye problems, but unlike an ophthalmologist, he is not allowed to perform any kind of surgical procedures. He measure visual acuity and provide general eye exams for vision skills, low vision assessment and prescriptions for low vision aids.
  • Specific duties and responsibilities
    • Diagnosis and basic treatment of some eye conditions such as cataracts, conjunctivitis, and glaucoma
    • General vision examinations and services
    • Prescribing medications for some eye problems
    • Prescribing and fitting correctional glasses and lenses

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