Educational Provisions for the Hard of Hearing

Children With Developmental Challenges 3(2+1)

Lesson 16 : Services for Hearing Impaired

Educational Provisions for the Hard of Hearing

In fulfilling its responsibilities to hard-of-hearing children, the school has to
(1) identify those needing help,
(2) see that they are adequately diagnosed and given whatever medical treatment is necessary, and
(3) provide an appropriate educational program.

  1. Training in the use of hearing aids- care in the use of hearing aid for young children. It should be used for short periods in the beginning and the period should be gradually increased.

  2. Auditory training: The child needs to be trained to listen and discriminate between different; sounds. The child should be trained as early as possible to discriminate between the sounds. The itinerant teacher trains the child in accordance with the needs of the child

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  4. Lip reading (Speech reading): we can hear and understand another person better when we look directly at their face. Certain facial expressions and movements add meaning to what one says. Lip reading lessons are given to hard of hearing to sharpen their understanding of what is said to them . Many words look alike ex: Cup-up but words like Fish – ball are easy to differentiate. Consonants like‘s’ are harder as they belong to high frequency range, so with sensory neural loss it is difficult.

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    Three methods of lip reading

    • Phonetic approach-This phonetic approach to lip reading, Instruction is programmed with a series of exercises in phonics, in which the child learns to distinguish phonetic ele­ments by seeing them and repeating them to himself
    • Thought units as a whole- Synthesis of what was read
    • Most visible sounds first and less visible sounds later

  6. Speech training /correction: These children need Speech Training as they may have not heard many sounds on their own. Those with Conductive loss- speaking softly, as they can hear their own voice through bone conduction, while those with Sensory neural speak loudly. Errors in speech need to be corrected.
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