Hearing Aids and Auditory Training Devices

Children With Developmental Challenges 3(2+1)

Lesson 16 : Services for Hearing Impaired

Hearing Aids and Auditory Training Devices

4 basic types of hearing aids are

  1. In the ear aids.
  2. Behind the ear aids
  3. Body aids.
  4. Bone conduction aids.

Other devices include

Assistive Listening Device (ALD): to enhance the performance people with hearing impairment in a variety of situations.


Auditory Trainer (FM System): amplification systems. There is connection between teacher and student through FM system. When using FM system, the teacher’s voice is heard directly and clearly regardless of his or her location in a classroom.

Sound Field Systems: It is also like FM system which enhances signal to noise ration in the classroom.

Computers: special programmes are available on CD-ROMs and internet for speech drill, auditory training, sign language instruction, speech reading etc.

Alerting Devices: wrist watches with vibratory devices, door bells, fire alarms, and alarm clocks with vibratory mechanisms, Flashing lights, special pillow vibrators.
Alerting devices in response to baby’s cry.

Captioning: Many current television programmes and feature films are captioned to make entertainment more accessible to audiences with hearing impairments.

Telecommunication Devices (TTD): Individuals with severe hearing impairments can communicate by telephone with a TTD. It is a small keyboard with an electronic display and modem attached.


Amplified Telephones: is used by individuals with moderate to severe hearing impairment.


Cochlear Implants: it is a surgically implanted device designed to make sounds audible for individuals with sensory neural hearing loss.


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