• Extension education is an applied science consisting of content derived from research, accumulated field experiences and relevant principles drawn from the behavioural science synthesised with useful technology into a body of philosophy, principles, content and methods focussed on the problems of out of school education for adults and youths (J.P. Leagans (1961)).

  • Extension work is an out of school system of education in which adult and young people learn by doing. It is partnership between the government and the people, which provides service and education designed to meet the people. Its fundamental objective is the development of the people (Kelsey and Harne (1963)).

  • Extension is a programme and a process of helping village people to help themselves, increase their production and to raise their general standard of living (D. Ensminger (1961))

  • We can define extension as the increased dissemination of useful knowledge for improving rural life (H.W. Butt (1961)).

  • Extension is a two – way channel; it brings scientific information to the village people and also takes the problems of the village people to the scientific institutions for solution, it is a continuous educational process, in which both learner and teacher contribute and receive (B. Rambhai (1958)).

  • Extension education is defined as an educational process to provide knowledge to the rural people about the improved practices in a convincing manner and help them to take decision within their specific local conditions (O.P. Dahama (1973)).

  • Agricultural extension is a professional methods of non –formal education aimed at inducing behavioural changes in the farmers for increasing their income through increased production and productivity by establishing firm linkages with research for solving farmer’s problems ensuring adequate and timely supply of inputs and usage proven methods of communication for speeding of the process of diffusion and adoption of innovations (V.C. Sanoria (1986)) .


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