Scope of Extension Education

Scope of ExtensionEducation

  • Extension education is a science which deals with the creation, transmission and application of knowledge designed to bring about planned changes in the behavior complex of people, with a view to help them live better by learning the ways of improving their vocations, enterprises and institutions.
  • There is some logic in each of the above concept which may be defined as follows;
    The different concepts may be defined as:

    Extension service: An organization and or a programme for agricultural development and rural welfare which employs the extension process as a means of programme implementation.
    Extension process: The extension process is that of working with rural people through out of school education, along those lines of their current interests and needs which are closely related to gaining a livelihood, improving the physical level of living of rural families, and fostering rural community welfare.
    Extension Job: The job of extension in agriculture and home economics is to assist people engaged in farming and home making to utilise more fully their own resources and those available to them, in solving current problems and in meeting changing economic and social conditions.

  • In other words, through the educational and services approach rural people are stimulated to make changes that result in more efficient production and marketing of farm products, conservation of natural resources, more comfortable homes, improved health, and more satisfying family and community life.
  • The modern concept of Extension education is the means for achieving community development, includes several facets and subject- matter fields, of which agriculture is more important than the others. Hence “Agricultural extension” may be defined as special branch of Extension Education which deals with the economic and social aspects of people engaged in or associated with agriculture.


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