Pulse based mixes


Lesson 7 : Pulse Based Convenience Foods

Pulse based mixes

  1. Fried products from bengal gram

    1. These are salted and spiced crispies in various shapes prepared from dough of bengal gram flour by extruding through orifices and deep fat fried in vegetable oils. Sev, Papdi, bundi are highly relished by all segments of population and eaten as snack.
    2. The products are crisp & fragile and moisture content is below 4 per cent.
    3. Fried products are not prone to microbial growth but highly prone to oxidative rancidity.
    4. A part of bengal gram flour is replaced by defatted soya flour and maize flour to improve the nutritive value.
    5. The products are manufactured at home level and cottage scale sector.
  1. Fried & puffed dhals

    1. Fried and spiced dhals of bengal gram and green gram are highly popular and used as snack
    2. Prepared by soaking the pulse in water along with sodium bi carbonate & frying in vegetable oils, then mixed with spice mixtures.
    3. The fried dhal or whole legumes are quite crisp
    4. Fried green gram dhal is found to remain stable for 120 days at 370C & 210 days at 270C. when packed in paper, aluminum foil or polyethylene laminate pouches
  1. Moist fried products:
    • The products like samosa, cut lets, vada, pakora, kochari & bajji are prepared. These have a short shelf life of 1-2 days.
    • Puffed legumes- Are cheap and popular foods of common man that have very good flavor and texture.
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