Good nutrition - A multidisciplinary effort

Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition 3(2+1)
Lesson 1:Food, nutrition, and health

Good nutrition - A multidisciplinary effort

Each step in the food chain must provide conditions that ensure retention of maximum nutrients, safety and quality

  • Application of agricultural sciences and technology to produce sufficient amount of plant and animal foods.
  • Harvesting and transporting foods to processors.
  • Processing and packaging of foods.
  • Adequate storage, transportation and marketing facilities to make foods available at times and in places where needed.
  • Appropriate controls by government to ensure wholesomeness and nutritive quality of food supply.
  • Economic conditions that make it possible to procure the necessary foods at a cost within the reach of all.
  • Educational programme in nutrition within the schools and at community level.
  • Efficient use of food within home, public eating places and institutions.

Human nutrition – Involves study and application of many disciplines.
Fig: Application of human nutrition in various disciplines (Figure)

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