Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition 3(2+1)
Lesson 9:Maternal Nutrition


Pregnancy can be a very special time for a mother. Along with the responsibility of shaping a child’s health and personality comes the prospective exhilaration of watching the child develop and grow. Producing a healthy baby is not just a matter of luck. True, some aspects of foetal and newborn health are beyond a parent’s control. Maternal health is complex, influenced by various genetic, social and economic factors, infections and environmental conditions, many of which affect the foetal growth.


  • Is a greatest physiological stress but not a pathological state
  • Is most common major alteration of normal biological life process
  • Is an altered physiological and metabolic change in mother because of growing foetus. Therefore there is altered nutritional requirements.
  • There is a need for specific health and dietary care.

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