Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

Lesson 6: Visuals


You already know that the main components of information design are the text, and visuals. How you arrange these visuals and the text using the principles of design will determine the effectiveness of the developed information. After having learnt all about how to use the text we will now move on to visuals which includes photos, drawings, clipart, illustrations, charts etc.

Visuals play a very useful role in information material especially where people do not know to read and write. The basic material of information graphic is the data, information or knowledge that the graphic presents. Information graphics are visual devices intended to communicate complex information quickly and clearly. Visuals in communication information through photos, clipart, drawings, tables, graphs, maps, various sizes and fonts, colours, geometry and animation

Visuals are used in information material mainly to catch the immediate attention of the reader but also to clarify and simplify the message. Visuals or pictures are important because people want to know more in less time and that too in a interesting and holistic way.
It has been seen that learning is facilitated and maximized when text and pictures contain the same message.
Visual presentations are more useful when

  • Messages are complex
  • Referability is important
  • Messages are large arrangement is complicated
  • When more dimensions are required

Visuals for information should create an experience for the reader, one must

  • See /discover the pictures
  • Pay attention to the pictures
  • Actually read the pictures in an active or selective way
  • Mentally process the information in the picture
  • Make use of the information in the picture.

Photographs show exactly what the camera sees and reproduce exact colour, texture, details depending on the type and quality of reproduction. They are relatively cheap and fast t produce. These can be reproduced as such or modified. Photos can be reduced, enlarged combined with other photographs or used in part. The most popular software for modifying photographs is Adobe Photoshop, coral draw illustration etc

Drawings are used when only certain details need to be highlighted or may be used when photographs are not available. In a drawing the artist can emphasize differences and important details by altering scale, tone or colour. Three dimensional drawings can show hidden components.
A powerful image can make or break a design, photographs, and drawings are used to tell stories, support ideas and grab the audience’s attention so the selection is urgent. For this purpose one can create his/own work here an artist or photographer or purchase from the website.

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