Important Features of Ms-Word

Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

Lesson 9 : Ms-Word

Important Features of Ms-Word

Some of the important features of Ms-Word are listed below:

  1. Using word you can create the document and edit them later, as and when required, by adding more text, modifying the existing text, deleting/moving some part of it.
  2. Changing the size of the margins can reformat complete document or part of text.
  3. Font size and type of fonts can also be changed. Page numbers and Header and Footer can be included.
  4. Spelling can be checked and correction can be made automatically in the entire document. Word count and other statistics can be generated.
  5. Text can be formatted in columnar style as we see in the newspaper. Text boxes can be made.
  6. Tables can be made and included in the text.
  7. Word also allows the user to mix the graphical pictures with the text. Graphical pictures can either be created in word itself or can be imported from outside like from Clip Art Gallery.
  8. Word also provides the mail-merge facility.
  9. Word also has the facility of macros. Macros can be either attached to some function/special keys or to a tool bar or to a menu.
  10. It also provides online help of any option.

While working in MS-WORD you have to work with a mouse.Also one can work, to some extent, through the keyboard. The use of mouse is simpler as it is fully menu driven. In MS-WORD every command is available in the form of ‘icons’.

You can go inside MS-WORD by the following way

  1. Take the mouse pointer to START button on the task bar. Click the left mouse button. The monitor will show like as follows:
  2. Move the pointer to programs. You will notice another menu coming up to the right.
  3. In that menu identify where Microsoft word is placed. Move the cursor horizontally to come out of programs.
  4. Move into the rectangular area meant for Microsoft word. Click the left mouse button there. The computer will start MS-WORD. You will find the screen as follows.

Fig. 2

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