Editing Slide Text

Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

Lesson 10 : Preparing Slides for Presentation Using Ppt

Editing Slide Text

You have learnt to enter text, now you will learn how to edit text in your slides with respect to:

  • Applying text attribute
  • Aligning text
  • Changing the line spacing
  • Changing the text case

Applying Text Attributes
The text attributes determine the appearance of your slide text. The text attributes include font, font size, and colour. To change the attributes of your text, select the text and apply the desired attributes.

Aligning Text
Alignment determines the position of the text within its text object box. Text can be left aligned right aligned, centered or justified.
The procedure for aligning text is as follows

  • You are in slide No-3 in your presentation
  • Highlight the text in the subtitle placeholder, to be aligned. For e.g Address
  • Click on the Format main menu option
  • Click on the Alignment command
  • Click on the Left alignment and see the result.
  • Perform steps 3 and 4 and see the result for centre, right and justified alignments.

Changing the Line Spacing

  • Select the next slide i.e., slide No.4, by pressing page down.
  • Highlighted all the subjects in the slide.
  • Click on the Format main menu option
  • Click on the Line Spacing command in the Format menu.
  • The Line Spacing dialog box is opened.
  • Click on the Line spacing up arrow 10 times or just type 1.5, to increase the spacing to 1.5 lines.
  • Click on the 'Preview' button to preview the new line spacing without closing the Line Spacing dialog box.
  • Click on 'OK' button to apply the new line spacing and close the dialog box.

Changing the Text Case
The change Case command in PowerPoint allows you to easily change the case of your slide text. The procedure for changing the text case is given below.

  • Highlight the subtitle in Slide 4
  • Click on the Format main menu option
  • Click on the change case command to change the case of the selected text.
  • Click on the uppercase option, to change the selected text to uppercase letters.
  • Click on 'OK' button to change the text to uppercase.

Slide Master

  • Displays slide 4, Favourite subjects slide (We are right now in that slide only)
  • Click on the View main menu option
  • Click on the Master Command
  • Within that, select the 'Slide Master' option.
  • Select the entire Master Title object: Press the Shift key and then click on it.
  • Click one on the Decrease Font Size button to decrease the font size.
  • Click on the Shadow button 'S' to give a shadow to your master Title object.

Slide Formatting

  • Click on Format main menu option
  • Click on the Bullet command
  • Select the bullet
  • Click on OK button to apply the new bullet character to the Master Bulleted-List object.
  • Change to the slide view, you will be able to see the changed .bulleted character.

Slide Setup

  • Click on File main menu option
  • Click on the Page set up command
  • Click on slides Sized for ;drop down arrow
  • Click on Letter Paper
  • Click on the PowerPoint radio button in Orientation Slides.
  • Click on the 'OK' button to change the slide settings for every slide in your presentation.
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