The Radio Script

Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

The Radio Script

The script is the written document that the announcer or a radio performer reads. The radio script may include technical instructions and inserts that have to go into the program. It may contain various directions for dialogue, sound effects, music, action and much more.
The script is the written program that tells the presenter what to say and do, when and how to say it.

This does not mean that everything that we hear on radio is scripted. But then, as listeners, we do not know for sure. Unlike television, we do not know when someone is reading the lines on radio.

Why Write Script?

Knowing that there is a prepared script during a broadcast lessens the stress on the performers and participants in the program. Everyone has an idea of how the program should run. Each would know what to say and do.
Every individual run programs, it is important to have a script as it:

  • Ensures smooth continuity of the program;
  • Helps in proper program timing;
  • Ensures accuracy of information;
  • Helps to present information in an organized manner.
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