Need For Comprehensive Approach

Commercial Interior Space Designing-II 4(1+3)

Lesson 2:Commercial Buildings & Interior Space Design

Need For Comprehensive Approach

Interior design professionals play an important role in the design process and should get associated with it at the onset of the project, referred to as the pre-design phase or programming phase, with the other major disciplines, key stakeholders, client, and end-user contacts. They need to work closely with the client to understand their business and space needs.

This can be thought of as strategic programming. It should occur at the same time as the building program is conducted. By assisting the organization in understanding its needs, as well as analyzing and recommending ways to link the organization's mission, business, and work processes to an intelligent workplace and space strategy, the interior designer adds value to the client's organization and real estate.

Excellent communication with the key members of the team helps define the challenges and each team member's expectations to ensure a successful project. Thus, an integrated team approach is important, and the coordination and collaboration of all disciplines is essential to a successful solution.

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