Floor And Floor Treatments 3 (1+2)

Lesson :07 Natural flooring-Wood


  • Resilient, good looking, warm and hard wearing (hard wood)
  • It can be resealed (hard and soft wood)
  • Dry heat causes shrinkage
  • Dampness swells the wood.
Wood finish

All wooden floors other than parquet tiles require finishing such as stained, polishing or painting and sealing to make them durable. Sealing can be with polyurethane varnish which may be matt, semi glossy or glossy. However, this surface finish should be anti-slip finish.

Wood stain: Floor stains are available in wood tones and also in color like blue, red, green stains are water based or spirit based. These are chemical dyes. The spirit based stain contains oil. Care should be taken to see the compatibility of the stain with the sealer if floor is also going to be sealed. However, it is safe to use the water based stain which can be sealed without chemical reaction. It also has the advantage to make it thin for lighter stain. This enhances the grains of the wood. This stain has to be sanded before and after sealing. If water based stains is not sealed it will be washed off.

Wood paint

Although any paint can be used but paint specially made for floor is better to be used because floors will be dry harder and wear better. They come in a wide range of colors. All dirt and grease needs to be removed through before painting.

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