Care and Maintenance of wood surface

Floor And Floor Treatments 3 (1+2)

Lesson :07 Natural flooring-Wood

Care and Maintenance of wood surface

  • Daily maintenance should include frequent sweeping and dusting for surface finished wood floor.
  • Any spills should be removed with a slightly damped mop.
  • Surface finished and wax finished needs different cleaning methods use buffing for wax finish.

Note: Buffing is a technique to retain the shine on the wood waxed floor. It should be done on only dull areas of the floor with a clean soft and dry cloth.

  • Vacuuming and damp mopping are the simplest and most effective forms of wood floor maintenance especially for waxed floors.
  • Do not let water remain on the wood which caused swelling and bleeding.
  • Wood surface may require periodical repair. Follow the instruction given by chart given below
Wood Surface Repairs



Bubbles in finish

May be caused by incompatible finishes. For light damage, sand lightly and recoat. If heavy, sand, stain and refinish.

Chewing gum, crayon, candle wax

Pop off with rice in a bag, scrape with plastic scraper. Seep cleaning fluid under chewing gum.

Cigarette burns

Burnish with fine steel wool or scrape charred area. Wax, or sand, stain and refinish.


Cover with dampened cloth and press with an electric iron.


Wax the area or hide the scratch with a thin coat of dusting spray rubbed into scratch.

Seasonal cracks

Increase humidity in dry season- install humidifier, boil water, open dishwasher after rinse.

Surface stains

Remove with sand paper or steel wool, feathering edges, or clean with one of these solutions.

Heel marks

Wood cleaner or wax.

Oil and grease

Try wood cleaner first. Then, on waxed floor, use TSP or soap with high lye content. On surface finish, use TSP.

Pet stains

Wood cleaner, followed by mild bleach or household vinegar for up ro an hour. A remaining spot is not likely to sand out. Cover damage with rug or remove, replace and refinish.


Use same procedure as for pet stains.

Mold, mildew

Floor cleaner, If wood fibers are stained, remove and refinish.

Water spots

Buff lightly with #0000 steel wool, then wax. If necessary, sand with fine paper, stain and recoat.

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