Morrison feeding standard


  • Morrison F.B. observed that stockmen are spending large sums of money for entirely unnecessary amounts on protein supplement, thus considerably reducing their profits.

Professor F.B.Morrison

  • He therefore, endeavoured to combine in one set of standards what seem in the judgment to be the best guide available in computation of rations for the various classes of livestock.
  • These standards were first presented in the 15th edition of “Feeds and Feeding” published in 1915 under the authorship of Henry and Morrison. They  were then called “Modified Wolff and Lehmann standard”.
  • They soon came to be known as the “Morrison Feeding Standard”.
  • These standards were expressed in terms of Dry Matter (D.M.), Digestible Protein (D.P.) and Total Digestible Nutrients (T.D.N.).
  • Morrison indicated  the nutrient  requirement of animals in a range rather than in one figure. 
  • In the year 1956, Morrison included in the standard the allowances for Calcium, Phosphorus and Carotene besides digestible carbohydrates, digestible proteins and net energy in therms.
  • The average of Morrison standards has been accepted for Indian livestock.
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