Indian standards


Sen and Ray standard

Dr. K. C. Sen, the first Director, National Dairy Research Institute, Bangalore and Karnal and Ray have compiled the feeding standards  for Zebu cattle and buffaloes, based on Morrison’s recommendations, where they adopted the average of maximum and minimum values recommended by Morrison. Later on Sen, Ray and Ranjhan (1978) revised the Sen and Ray (1964) standard on the basis of experimental trials conducted in Indian animals. These modified values are still functioning in many of our established dairy farms.

Dr.K.C.Sen-First Director of NDRI,Bangalore and Karnal

Indian council of agricultural research feeding standardRD

Considering the fact that nutrient needs of livestock and poultry breeds under tropical environments are different from those developed in temperate climate, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, realising the necessity of setting up suitable feeding standards for the Indian livestock and poultry, assigned this task to  Late Dr. N. D. Kehar, the then Chairman, I. C. A. R. scientific panel on Animal Nutrition and Physiology, as he had been associated with this type of research activities for about two decades.

  • The scientific panel set up sub-committees for each species by inviting experts from various institutes of the country.
  • On the basis of the scientific information arising from the experimental work carried out in India over the past two decades, nutrient requirement of Indian livestock and poultry ultimately has been published by I. C. A. R. in January 1985 under the able Chairmanship of the panel Dr. K. Pradhan, which  formed a strong basis for feeding our livestock and poultry.These standards were updated and were revised in 1998.
  • The feeding standards are based on the experimental results and have been organized to contain information on daily DM, DCP, TDN, Calcium and Phosphorus intake. Since most of the data on energy and protein value of feed and animals's requirement in India have been expressed in TDN and DCP. The figure of total digestible nutrient can be converted into digestible and metabolizable energy by taking 4.4 Mcal DE and 3.6 Mcal ME per kg TDN.
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