Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction and history of packaging development

Lesson 1. History of package development
Lesson 2. Importance of packaging

Module 2: Packaging materials

Lesson 3. Selection of packaging materials
Lesson 4. Characteristics of paper, corrugated paper, fiber board and wood
Lesson 5. Characteristics of glass
Lesson 6. Characteristics of metals and metallic montainers
Lesson 7. Characteristics of plastics
Lesson 8. Sources of different plastic materials and process of manufacture
Lesson 9. Forms of different plastic materials - 1
Lesson 10. Forms of different plastic material-2
Lesson 11. Forms of different plastic materials – 3
Lesson 12. Newer forms with combination of two or more ingredients
Lesson 13. Foils and laminates – Characteristics and importance in food industry
Lesson 14. Characteristics of retort pouches

Module 3: Package forms

Lesson 15. Forms of packages used for packaging of food and dairy products

Module 4: Legal requirement

Lesson 16. Safety requirements of packaging materials and product information

Module 5: Packaging of milk and milk products

Lesson 17. Pasteurized milk
Lesson 18. UHT-sterilized milk
Lesson 19. Aseptic packaging
Lesson 20. Fat rich dairy products - butter and ghee
Lesson 21. Coagulated and desiccated indigenous dairy products and their sweetmeats
Lesson 22. Concentrated and dried milks including baby foods

Module 6: Modern packaging techniques

Lesson 23. Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
Lesson 24. Eco friendly packaging
Lesson 25. Active packaging

Module 7: Principles and methods of package sterilization

Lesson 26. Different methods of package sterilization, importance of such methods and principles

Module 8: Coding and labeling of food packagaes

Lesson 27. Different methods of coding and standards of labeling of food packages

Module 9: Aseptic packaging

Lesson 28. Scope of aseptic packaging and pre-requisite conditions for aseptic packaging. Description of equipments (Including Aseptic Tank) and machines
Lesson 29. Micro-processor controlled systems employed for aseptic packaging- package conditions and quality assurance aspects of aseptic packaging

Module 10: Microbiological aspects of packaging materials

Lesson 30. Microbial standards, packaging material as sources of contamination

Module 11: Disposal of waste package materials

Lesson 31. Disposal methods of waste packages

Module 12: Packaging system

Lesson 32. Description of equipments and machines of different packaging systems

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