Q.1 Tick the correct answer.
1. Coriander wilt is caused by?
a) Bacteria b) Fungus c) Virus d) Viroid.
Q2. Seed rot and seedling mortality can be reduced by application of fungicide as?
a) Soil drench b) Seed treatment c) Foliar application d) Soil treatment.
Q3. Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. coriandri overwinters in the form of ?
a) Perithecia b) Cleistothecia c) Chlamydospores d) Pseudothecia
Q4. Optimum temperature for Fusarium wilt development is ?
a) 15oC b) 200C c) 250C d) 28oC
Q.5 Fusarium wilt of coriander is more serious at pH?
a) 8.2 b) 6.9 c) 5.0 d) 5.5
Q.6 Stem gall of coriander is caused by ?
a) Protomyces macrospores b) Plasmodiophora brassicae c) Synchytrium endobioticum
d) Fusarium solani
Q.7 Stem gall fungus in tumors is found as ?
a) Mycelium b) Spores c) Resting spores d) Oospores.
Q8. Stem gall fungus overwinters in the form of ?
a) Oospore b) Chlamydospores c) Perithecia d) Cleistothecia
Q9. Powdery mildew of coriander is more serious in ?
a) Cool weather b) Dry weather c) Wet weather d) Cool and wet weather.
Q.11 Powdery mildew of coriander is caused by ?
a) Sphaerotheca fuligenea b) Podosphaera leucotricha c) Uncinula nector
d) Erysiphe polygoni.
Q.12. Optimum temperature for conidial germination of Erysiphe polygoni is ?
a) 12-15oC b) 16-18oC c) 20-24oC d) 25-28oC
Q13. Stem gall of coriander incidence increase with the application of ?
a) Nitrogen b) Potash c) Phosphorus d) Vermi compost.
Q14. Powdery mildew can be reduced by application of
a) Mancozeb b) Karathane c) Blitox d) Kocide
Q15. In absence of Cleistothecia, powdery mildew fungi overwinters as
a) Oospores b) Conidia c) Ascospore d) Zoospore


1 b, 2 b, 3 c,4d, 5b, 6a, 7a, 8b, 9 d, 10 b,11 d, 12 c, 13 c, 14 b, 15 b.

Q.No2 Fill in the Blanks

1. Each ascus of Erysiphe polygoni contains ………. to ……………. ascospores.
2. Application of ………….doses of fertilizers and ………….reduce the severity of powdery mildew.
3. A fairy ……….soil and heavy application of ………..fertilizers tend to increase powdery mildew .
4. The ………..of stem gall fungus is only found in the tumors although the ……….spores of the fungus cause systemic infection.
5. In India, the occurrence of the coriander wilt disease has been reported from…………as early as …………….


1. Three, five 2. Balanced, Early planting 3. Dry, Nitrogenous 4. Mycelium, resting spores 5. Madhya Bharat, 1952

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