Breeding methods

  • Selection is the only method through which number of improved varieties have been developed.
          • Improved selections of Amaranthus developed at TNAU

Name of variety

Pedigree of the variety

Chief characteristics

A.dubius Mart.ex. Thellyung

Selection from a local type

Seeds-black, small (about 4000 seeds/g); lack initial vigour but rapid growth rate after 25-30 days; leaves – dark green, broad with ridged surface; stem-round, glossy green and succulent even at mature stage; specially suited for late harvest at 30-35 days after sowing as whole plant green (Mulakkerai) with green yield 7-8 t/ha.

CO.2. Amaranthus (A.tricolor L.)

Selection from a local type

Seeds-black; and bolder in size (1200-1400 seeds/g); good early germination and vigorous growth; leaves – green and long lanceolate; stem-green; highly suited for ‘tender green’ harvest at 20-25 days after sowing as the stems are tender (Thandukeerai) with yield – 10-11 t/ha.

CO.3.(A.tricolor L.var.tristis)

Selection from a local type

2800 seeds/g; grows to a height of 90-100 cm with 12-15 basal branches; lends itself for periodical cuttings (clippings- Arukeerai or Arakeerai) and hence can be retained for more than 3 months. 1st clipping commences 20 days after sowing and thereafter at weekly intervals. A total of 10 clippings can be had, yields 10-12 t/ha.

CO.4 amaranthus (A.hypochondriacus L.)

Selection from a local type

Seed-pale yellow, medium sized (2000-2300 seeds/g); leaves-green, lanceolate; stem-green; inflorescence-green,long, terminal and generally unbranched; flowers in 40-45 days after sowing and matures in about 90 days; yields 8 t/ha by thinning at 25 days and about 2-2.5t. of grains per ha at maturity. The grains are rich in protein (15.9%) and other essential amino acids; popping rate of grain is about 2.5 times by volume.

CO.5 Amaranthus

Single plant selection

The leaves are double coloured (green and pink). It gives a rosette growth in early stages. First harvest starts 25 days after sowing and in duration of 55 days it produces 40t/ha.

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