Nutmeg Varieties

    Name and year of release

    Released by

    Av. yield t/ha

    Salient features

    Konkan Sungandha

    Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth at Regional Fruit Research Station, Vengurla.

    526 nuts /tree @ age of 15 years

    This is the only hermaphrodite variety released. It yields 2.63 kg dry nuts . The nut size is 5g with 1.2g mace.

    Konkan Swad

    Regional Coconut Research Station, Bhatye, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

    761.36kg fruits/tree

    It gives an average yield of 761.38 kg fruits/tree. Seeds contain 39.8% essential oil and mace 10.9%.

    High yielding selection

    IISR, Calicut.

    It gives an average yield of 3122 kg nut/ha (dry) and 480 kg mace (dry)/ha.

    This variety possesses 7.1 per cent oil in nut and mace, 13.0 per cent oleoresin in mace and 2.5 per cent oleoresin in nut. Butter content is 30.9 per cent in nut.

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