Course Overview

Course Overview

    Welcome to this course on Apiculture

    This practical course has been prepared with the objective of introducing the B.Sc. students to the world of honey bees and modern beekeeping. This course starts with importance of apiculture with brief history. Practical information on equipment required, handling of honey bee colonies, seasonal managements and economics has been provided in concise form. Since this course has no theory (only practical), the basic information for each practical has been briefly described in the beginning of each practical to unable the students to understand the subject before starting the practical. The course content has been developed to provide the B.Sc. student an easy to understand, to the point reading material which will help them in learning practical bee keeping more efficiently.

    The basic concepts of beekeeping are required to be understood by the undergraduate students and beginners more clearly so that the knowledge gained by them can be utilized in the field or even to start their own enterprise after completing the studies. This course has been designed to meet these objectives. Additional reading material will provide the student additional information on different aspects of beekeeping.

    Key to success of beekeeping lies in understanding the needs of the bee colonies during different seasons and providing them space, food and protection from enemies. This course provides tips for handling of bee colonies, feeding methods, honey extraction etc.
    Students will learn important terms related to Apiculture.

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