Adult Diseases

Adult Diseases

    Adult diseases:

    Nosema disease Acarine disease
    Causative organism Nosema apis (protozoan) Acarapis woodi (Endoparasitic mite)
    Symptoms Infected bees collect in front of hive, sluggish, crawlers on leaf blades, distended abdomen, dysentric (Fig. 17.4) Bees gather in front of hive as crawler bees and unable to fly; disjointed wings having typical ‘k’ wing condition
    Control Feed fumigillin 200 mg in sugar syrup to each colony or 0.5-3.0 mg in 100ml sugar syrup.

    Two feedings at weekly interval of Dependel-M @0.5g/litre/colony

    Fumigate using folbex strips at weekly intervals or with formic acid (85%) @ 10ml/colony and replenish the quantity after every 24 h for 21 days


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