Disability Rates

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 05 : Indicators Of Health

Disability Rates

Despite huge expenditure on health, death rates or mortality rates have not changed significantly. Under such circumstances, disability rates help to supplement the mortality and morbidity indicators. The disability rates are based on the notion that health implies full range of daily activities. Commonly used disability rates fall into 2 categories.

  1. Event type indicators-includes<

    1. Number of days of limited activity
    2. Bed disability days
    3. Work loss days (or school loss days) within a specific period

  2. Person type indicators-includes

    1. Limitations of mobility-bed ridden, confined to home, need special aid in getting around either inside or outside the house.
    2. Limitations of activity-Unable to perform daily basic activities –eating, washing, dressing, toileting.
    3. Unable to perform major activities –job activities or household activities.

Sullivan’s Index-One of the most advanced indicators

Expectancy of life free of disability = Life expectancy at birth - probable duration of bed disability and inability to perform major activities

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