Body Odour

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 13 : Personal Hygiene

Body Odour

Body Odor (I)
  • Perspiration, or sweat, comes from sweat glands. Due to puberty, these glands not only become more active than before, but at the same time, they also begin to secrete different chemicals into the sweat that has a stronger smelling odor.
  • Some places on the body that contribute to this odor is from the armpits, the feet, and the private places.
  • The best way to keep clean is to bathe or shower every day, because this will help wash away any bacteria that contribute to the smells.

Body Odor (II)

  • Some methods to prevent a strong body odor:
  • Deodorants get rid of the odor of sweat by covering it up, and antiperspirants actually stop or dry up perspiration.
  • Daily baths or showers and wearing clean clothes can also help “lower” body odor.
  • Perfume
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