Utilization Rates

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

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Utilization Rates

It includes the extent of use of health services. Utilization of services is expressed as the proportion of people in need of a service who actually receive it in a given period, usually a year. The utilization rates indicate the extent of services needed by the population and hence health status of the population. Health care utilization is also affected by

Examples of utilization of health services

  • Proportion of pregnant women receiving supplements Iron-Folic Acid tablets and antenatal care.
  • Proportion of children getting prophylactic doses
  • Infants and children receiving immunization
  • Population following proper family planning
  • Proportion of pregnant women having their deliveries under trained dais.
  • Population getting regular health checkups done
  • Bed occupancy rate
  • Bed turnover ratio

This indicator concentrates on the discharge of social responsibility rather than a biological phenomenon of disease.

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