Uses Of Water

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 22 : Water (Need, Uses, Sources)

Uses Of Water

The uses of water in a community are many, and the requirement in quantity and quality are varied. Conventionally, it has been convenient and economical to provide a single water supply sufficient in quantity to serve all uses and suitable in quality to meet drinking requirements, even though only a small fraction of the total water supply is actually used for drinking.

The Uses Of Water Include:

  • Domestic use – water is required for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing, flushing of toilets, gardening etc.
  • Public purposes – cleaning streets, swimming pools, public fountains, ornamental ponds, fire protection and public parks
  • Industrial purpose – for processing and cooling
  • Agricultural purpose – irrigation
  • Power Production from hydropower and steam power
  • Carrying away waste from all establishments and institutions

Water is therefore an essential factor in the economic, social and cultural development of a community. It can eliminate diseases, promote rural development and improve quality of life.

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