Hookworm Infestation

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 41 : Prevention Of Intestinal Parasitic Infections

Hookworm Infestation

Hookworm infection is defined as "any infection caused by Ancylostoma duodenaIe or Necator americanus". They may occur as single or mixed infections in the same person. The infection is higher among agricultural workers than others. Open air defecation, use of same place for defecation repeatedly, walking bare foot, etc are the personal habits that lead to hookworm infection.

Hookworm infection causes heavy blood loss and depletes iron stores in the body resulting in iron deficiency anemia. This affects child’s physical growth and development; increases morbidity in the mother, low birth weight of the babies born to such mothers, abortion, stillbirth, impaired lactation.

Hookworm infection affects the economy and quality of life of a community in terms of nutrition, growth and development, work and productivity and medical care costs.

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