Planning Of Fair And Festival

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 45 : Health Services At Fair & Festivals

Planning Of Fair And Festival

  • The date and time should be fixed well in advance so that all requisite preparations can be made. It should be announced at least 60 days in advance.
  • Information shall be shared with local health authorities/ health officers of all localities in which fair/festival is being organized.
  • Health officer shall inform higher officials concerned with the fair/festival

Notification of fairs and festivals

  • Notification (by govt. order or otherwise) should specify
    • The area and duration of the fairs/ festivals
    • The limits of the area where fairs/ festivals are to be organized should be well defined
  • Also festival tax if any being levied by the govt. on vehicles, travelers, etc should be notified. The Govt. should also notify how much tax will be levied

Sanitary arrangements

  • The site should be demarcated and preparation of the site be done.
  • Site should be cleaned and drained properly
  • Roads should be aligned properly
  • Water sufficient in quality and quantity fit for drinking and cooking should be arranged. Also facilities for safe storage of water can be made.
  • To practically possible extent, accommodation to the pilgrims and visitors be made.
  • Adequate lighting arrangements be made.
  • Wholesome food should be made available at reasonable price and yet of necessary quantities. Foods prepared/ offered/ stored has to be properly supervised.
  • Refuse, rubbish, sewage should be collected, removed and disposed off safely.
  • Suitable latrines should be arranged and maintained
  • Infectious cases if any should be detected early and segregated. Preventive measures should be started.
  • Adequate medical staff, medical relief, hospital accommodation be provided.
  • Any other service deemed necessary can be arranged for.
  • Health officer be given adequate powers to seize private buildings, private water supply like wells, etc. Same should be informed to public to prevent protest.

How to carry out these measures?

  • Some person/ a body should be made responsible for the organization and control of fairs
  • Number of people likely to be participating should be taken into account.
  • Plan of work should be prepared.
  • Area of fair should be divided into multiple plots and each plot should be placed in charge of one or more sanitary officers who supervise orderliness in the maintenance of hygiene
  • Number of officers required should be calculated prior to start of fairs.
  • All lodging houses be registered and fixed number of lodgers be accommodated.
  • Rules should be framed for both staff and pilgrims and enforced strictly.

Before the mela starts:

  • Space should be found for additional people expected to come apart from the local residents.
  • Site of the fair should be leveled and cleansed.
  • Roads, shops and temporary shed for accommodation should be planned.
  • There should be good approach to the road.
  • Whole area should be lighted during night
  • Sufficient quantity of bleaching powder and medications should be arranged.
  • Police station should be set up for maintaining law and order.
  • Publicity office be set up to inform public of the facilities available where they can make use of them.
  • Sweepers in ratio of 1 per 1000 pilgrims be appointed.
  • Temporary hospital be set up for management of any infections. District health officer should stay at the site of fair and festival.
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