Planning For Health Education

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 47 : Health Education

Planning For Health Education

Planning of Communication In Health

  1. Health communication cannot be planned in vacuum.
  2. It planned in connection with specific health programme or health service.
  3. The specifics of health education strategy in a local community have to be formulated in accordance with its socio-cultural, psycho-social, political, economic and situational characteristics.

Steps in Planning for Health Education

  1. Collecting information on specific problems of the community
  2. Identification of the problem
  3. Deciding on priorities
  4. Setting goals and measurable objectives
  5. Assessment of resources
  6. Consideration of possible solutions
  7. Preparation of action plan
  8. Implementing the plan
  9. Monitoring and evaluating the degree of achievement of objectives
  10. Reassessment of the process of planning and evaluation for effective health communication

Advantages of Communication

  1. Improvement in relation
  2. Better feedback
  3. Utilization of health facilities and services
  4. Better community participation
  5. Improvement in supervision and monitoring
  6. Useful for future plan and development
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