Human Physiology

Lesson 19 : Physical Processes of Digestive System & Stomach Digestion


Mastication: also called grinding, is a physical process of converting large food particles into smaller ones with the help of teeth.

Drinking: Intake of liquids into the digestive system.

Secretions: are the products of digestive glands that are rich in digestive enzymes. e.g. gastric juice, bile, saliva etc.

Ingesta: Food mixed with digestive secretions passing through GI tract is known as ingesta.

Swallowing/deglutition: is act of passage of food bolus from mouth to esophagus

Saliva: is secretion of salivary (parotid, mandibular and sublingual) glands. Saliva contains enzyme ptyalin (?-amylase) and mucus. It mixes with food in mouth.

Gastric Juice: is digestive secretion of stomach.
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