Lesson 1: Environment


The main functions of the environment are:

  • It provides natural goods such as lakes, landscape and wildlife.
  • It supplies natural resources such as land, water, forests and minerals which are necessary for the production of economic goods.
  • It functions as a dust bin to receive the discarded and waste materials generated in the process of economic activities.
  • It provides environmental services and amenities such as the maintenance of habitats by climate stability, genetic diversity, beauty and serenity.

Environmental concerns

Many of the environmental problems are due to
  1. Wasteful and misuse of resources
  2. Population explosion and poverty
  3. Destruction and degradation of wildlife habitats
  4. Depletion of all natural resources like soil, water, forests, minerals etc.
  5. Deforestation
  6. Soil erosion & desertification
  7. Loss of biodiversity
  8. Pollution of air, water and land
  9. Failure of sustaining the environment

These wasteful and hasty behavior patterns have lead to environmental degradation. Thus to lead a better quality of life, we need to protect our environment.

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