Need for public awareness

Lesson 1: Environment

Need for public awareness

Since our environment is getting degraded due to human activities, we need to do something about it to sustain the quality. We often feel that government should take proper measuring steps. But all of us are equally responsible to protect our environment. Hence public awareness needs to be created. Both print media and electronic media can strongly influence public opinion. Politicians should respond positively to a strong publicly supported activity. NGOs can take active role in creating awareness from grass root levels to the top-most policy decision makers.

Environment is an integration of both living and non-living organisms. Water, air, soil, minerals, wild life, grass lands, forests, oceans, agriculture are all life supporting systems. Since these natural resources are limited, and human activities are the causative factors for environmental degradation, each one of us need to feel responsible to protect the environment.

The activities help in creating awareness among public are

  • Join a group to study nature such as WWF-I or BNHS or any other organization
  • Read newspaper articles and periodicals like Down to earth, WWF-I newsletter, BNHS, Hornbill, Sanctuary magazine.
  • Discuss environmental issues with friends and relatives.
  • Join local movements that support activities like saving trees in your locality, reducing use of plastics, going for nature treks, practicing 3 Rs i.e. reduce, reuse, & recycle.
  • Practice and promote good civic sense and hygiene such as enforcing no spitting or tobacco chewing, no throwing garbage on the road and no urinating in public places.
  • Take part in events organized on World Environment Day, Wildlife week etc.
  • Visit a National park or sanctuary or spend time in whatever natural habitat you have near your home.

World Environment Day : June 5th

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