Fertilizer and pesticide problem

Lesson 5: Food resources

Fertilizer and pesticide problem

  • A significant portion of fertilizer and pesticide applied to the soil runs off into surface water or leaches into ground water.

  • Spraying of pesticides had lead to ecological damage like human toxic effects, cancer and organ damage from breathing and ingesting pesticides.

  • Increase in cropped area and irrigation have problems like soil erosion, water logging and steady buildup of salts.

  • The biggest problem with pesticides is the development of genetic resistance by pest organisms and they will become immune to the fungicides.

  • Sometimes insecticides kill natural predators and parasites which may increase new pests’ growth.

  • Pesticides may accumulate in the bodies of animals which is called bio-accumulation. This problem affects animals and when that affected animal is eaten by a carnivore leading to the disease or death


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