Aims of conservation

Lesson 22: Role of individuals in conservation of natural resources

Aims of conservation

  1. Preservation of quality of environment.
  2. Ensure continuous yield of useful material.

Role of individuals in conserving resources:

  1. Develop respect for all forms of life.
  2. Plant trees on a regular basis.
  3. Reduce the use of wood and paper products, recycle paper products and buy recycled paper products.
  4. Restore a degraded area of forest.
  5. Refuse to buy furs, ivory products, items made of reptile skins, tortoise shell jewellery etc.
  6. When building a house, save all the trees.
  7. Don’t buy furniture made from teak and mahogany.
  8. Advocate organic farming.
  9. Use pesticides in small amounts (if necessary).
  10. Set up a compost bin and use it to produce soil conditioner for yard and garden plants.

Role of an Individual in the conservation of Natural Resources:- The conservation of natural resources is every individual’s responsibility. The environment belongs to every one of us and so all of us have the responsibility to conserve it. Each individual’s efforts for conservation go a long way in conservation measures, though there are efforts at national and international levels too. Light, fans and water heaters must be switched off when not needed. We must obtain heat form natural resources as far as possible. The wet clothes must be dried in the sun light. Use solar cooker on sunny days to avoid over LPG.

  • Conservatio
  • A careful preservation and protection of something especially planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction or neglect.
  • Conservation means using the resources in a wise manner so that besides meeting the present requirement it also takes care of the future generations.
  • If each individual starts conserving natural resources in the best way possible we can soon build a beautiful world.

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