Salient features of sustainable developmentt

Lesson 24: Social issues and the environment

Salient features of sustainable developmentt

  1. It considers the equity between countries and continents, races and classes, gender and ages.
  2. It includes social development and economic opportunity on one hand, and the requirements of the environment on the other.
  3. It is a process which leads to a better quality of life while reducing the impact on the environment.
  4. It acknowledges the interdependence of human needs and environmental requirements.
    1. Ecological Footprint: It is the area of land required to support a human being, or a group of human beings. If the footprint of a settlement is larger than its area, that settlement is not independently sustainable.
      A city is unsustainable because most resources such as food, water, minerals and fuels come from beyond the city.
    2. The average foot print in the US - 12.5 ha, India – 1.1 ha and Bangladesh – 0.5 ha.

Sustainable development indicators – India

Measures to maintain sustainable development

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