Staircase Fittings

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 05 : Exterior fittings

Staircase Fittings

  1. Balustrade: It is the system of designing railing from preventing people to fall.

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  3. Banister Railing: It is also called as Handrail. The angled member for handholding which is held for upstairs is open on one side and also there is railing on both sides, whereas in wide staircases it is in the middle.
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  5. Volute: It is handrail end element for the steps that curves inward like a spiral. Is also said to be right or left handed depending upon the handrail faces. A turnout volute is also used to end the handrail.

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  7. Gooseneck: Is the vertical handrail which joins the sloped one to a higher one in the balcony. Lands like a gooseneck.

  8. Rosette: Is where the handrail ends in the wall.j

  9. Easing: Is found at the bottom of the stairs and is called as “starting easing”. And at the top of stairs is called as “ over easing”
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  11. Core Rail: Is used to provide strength and stiffness to handrails, especially against the curved rails.

  12. Baulster: These are called as guards or spindles. These hold up the vhandrail.

  13. Newel: Is a large baluster used to anchor the handrail.

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  15. Base rail or Shoe rail: This is replaced with Blauster when they don’t work.

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  17. Fillet: Is a decorative filling piece on the floor between blausters on a balcony railing.
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