Gate fittings

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 05 : Exterior fittings

Gate fittings

  1. Door Strap Hinges: They are made of forged iron and steel and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is an early hinge and is used in interior and exterior doors. Strap hinges are available in two finishes. The 4 smaller sizes are a "Rough Black Iron" finish. The 2 larger sizes are a "Smooth Black Iron" finish. The hinge pin is removable so that the pad (smaller leaf) may be reversed. This allows the hinge to be installed as either a full-surface hinge or a half-surface hinge. The weight rating on the 9" and 13" hinge applies to a door with a maximum door thickness of 1-3/8”.

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  3. Padlocks: A padlock is made up of a body, shackle and a locking mechanism. They are portable locks used to prevent from theft and provide security. They include laminated steelbodies for superior resistance to abuse and steel and hardened steel shackles to resist cutting.

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  5. Rim Locks and Latches: Rim lock and latches add a rustic appeal to the gate.

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  7. Gate Latches and Bolts: They are used as functional as well as decorative purpose. They offer a handle to grip and a lever to release the gate latch all in the same mechanism.

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  9. Gate Pulls: They are available in a length size of 12.5” and 17.5”. Attachments screws are available. It helps to pull the gate outwards or inwards.

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  11. Gate springs and wheels: These help in flexible movement of gates and also to drag the gate easily to and fro without any interruption.

  12. Hasps: They provide safety to the gates.x
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