Things to be considered while paneling

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 06 : Wood paneling

Things to be considered while paneling

  1. Surfaces:

    Most wood paneling today is veneer. The quality of the veneer is the most important thing to consider when purchasing paneling. Below is a list of six different types of veneer.

    • Pre-finished wood veneer with three different layers
      • Most expensive
      • Best for staining
    • Grained veneer
      • Good for staining
    • Non-grain wood veneer--embossed to give it an appearance of wood
      • Best for painting rather than staining
    • Vinyl-covered wood paneling
      • Wood patterns laminated onto plywood or particleboard
      • Difficult to repair if scratched
      • Easy to clean with soap and water
    • Printed-paper wood paneling
      • Printed paper is laminated to wood
      • Low-cost
      • Cover with a clear coating to protect the surface from scratches
    • Surface-printed wood paneling
      • Photographs a wood grain pattern onto a wood surface
      • Low cost
      • Easily scratched or damaged by the wrong cleaning products
  2. Backing

    Most wood paneling is backed with one of three materials:

    • Plywood
    • Particleboard
    • Hardboard

    Most of the wood paneling is treated with a finish which reduces moisture absorption and warping. Hardboard, which is usually used for printed wood panels, is the least expensive kind of backing. Untreated plywood will not be impervious to water, and could ultimately warp and shift.

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