Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 10 :Water supply system, drainage system and drainage bye laws


Plumbing is defined as a practice in which it uses different types of materials and fixtures for the installation or maintenance pipelines for water supply and sanitary systems. Installation and the perfect plumbing system is an aid for a well developed economy.

If there is no proper waste disposal or drain system it will create various problems including it will contaminate the drinking water too which affects the supply of clean water. This contamination of water will lead to many health risks which affect the economy and it further contaminates the drinking water too. All the plumbing installations are the system of fixing the plumbing fixtures by connecting all pipes which enables to enjoy a good supply of water to all pipelines through their connection with the main system. There are two types of services that are involved in the installation of plumbing fixture one is for the supply of pure clean water to our home and the second one is for the proper disposal of dirt water and water-borne wastes from our home and surroundings. We can prevent the accumulation of wastes on earth by having effective drainage and sewage system. After installation process is over then the next thing is to find out a reliable plumber to solve any kind of plumbing issues. Like the installation of plumbing fixtures it is also important to maintain the system for long years of use without causing any damages to the property and system as any damage on a plumbing fixture or pipeline will cost you huge amount of money for both hiring a plumber and to buy the plumbing materials for repairing.

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