Systems of plumbing

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 10 : Water supply system, drainage system and drainage bye laws

Systems of plumbing

The different types of plumbing systems are as follows.
  1. Two pipe system
  2. One pipe system
  3. Single stack system
  4. Partially ventilated single stack system.
  1. Two pipe system
    • This is the best and most improved system of plumbing.
    • In this two sets of vertical pipes, one for excreta (night soil) as soil pipe and another for sullage as waste pipe are used.
    • The soil pipes and the waste pipes are separately ventilated.
    • The soil pipe and waste pipe are provided by a separate vent pipe or anti-siphonage pipe.
    • This system has four vertical pipes.

  2. One pipe system
    • In this system one vertical main pipe is used which collects both night soil and sullage water.
    • The main pipe is ventilated at the top, in addition, a separate vent pipe is also provided.
    • The system has two vertical pipes.

  3. Single stack system
    • This system has a single pipe for soil, waste and vent without any separate ventilation pipe.
    • The single pipe carries night soil as well as sullage and is extended up to 2 meters above roof level with a cowl to act as vent pipe for removal of gases.

  4. Partially Ventilated Single Stack System
    • This is an improved form of single stack system.
    • Here the traps of the water closets are ventilated, by a separate vent pipe, called relief vent pipe.
    • Two pipes are used in a single pipe system.
    • The single soil and waste pipe is connected to vent pipe .
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