Acoustic materials

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 13 : Acoustics

Acoustic materials

Acoustic materials are used to lessen the noise or to stop the noise coming in. These materials help in reducing the energy of sound, to stop resonance in sound and echoes. Acoustic materials are basically used in home studios, theatres, offices.

Types of Acoustic Materials
There are basically three types of acoustic materials used namely: Diffusors, Absorbers, and Bass Traps.

  1. Diffusors – They are used to stop echoes or reduce the noise produced by echoes. Diffusors are used in areas of flat ceilings or parallel walls to reduce the sound vibration. The simplest and cheapest diffusion can be created by placing few sheets of plywood bent at a small angle of the wall. Then the fiberglass is placed beneath the plywood to prevent resonating.
  2. Absorbers – Absorbers are acoustic materials which absorb sound to a high frequency of 500 hertz and above. Absorbers like diffusers absorb and reduce the ringing and echoing and also the reverberation of the room. Rigid fiberglass is used as one of the major material as absorbers for midrange and high frequencies of sound.
  3. Bass Traps Bass traps are used to absorb low frequencies. At the same time they also reduce the standing waves and acoustic interference within the room. They are basically used in larger spaces to absorb sound as in Churches, Auditoriums. Bass traps prevent the merging of the sound waves into the other one, thereby producing different sound peaks. A thick fiberglass is applicable for bass traps.
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